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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Skin Prep - What Goes Under Your Foundation?

Red Lips Glowy Skin Makeup Look
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Those who know me know I am a huge Kevin James Bennett fan and that guy is big on complexion, it's his niche and he is brilliant at it. After some time of reading his advice, posts and listening to him online wherever I could here is what I have gathered from him on skin prep - what goes under your foundation.

He is not a believer of 500 layers of skin prep under your foundation. He likes to keep things simple and straightforward. Here is what he recommends you do:

1. Cleansing: Use facial cleansing wipes and not baby wipes, or micellar water for this step. He recommends Bioderma, Garnier, Neutrogena.

2. Exfoliation: Get rid of any dry flaky skin with exfoliation. Do not use scrubs those are really harsh on skin. Use acid exfoliators, AHA or BHA ones. Pixi Glow Tonic is one of his favourites.

3. Hydration: Here he does not refer to emollient moisturisers but hydrating products. Serums are his favourite for this step especially Hyaluronic acid based serums.

If you have oilier skin that is all you may need if you do not have any visible texture to deal with. Your next step would be foundation.

If you have texture to deal with, you may want to add a thin layer of a silicone based primer to fill in lines and pores and then go in with the foundation.

If you have drier or combination skin you may need to add an emollient moisturiser on top of it. Facial oils are great for this step and he loves using them. Smashbox Primer Oil is one of his favourites because it gets absorbed into the skin really well. One of our locally available facial oils that I personally love is Aura Craft's Revive Oil. Your next step would be foundation application.

P.S. As KJB also says, this is a temporary skin fix before makeup application and does not replace your skincare regime. For a skincare routine you will have to do some study, research and may as well consult a dermatologist. This is purely for makeup application.

How do you prepare your skin before makeup application?


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Sunday, 15 October 2017

No More Streaky Highlight With This Technique!

Image Source: Internet

I know people think my taste in makeup leans more towards 'natural' and I hate a strong highlight, or a strong eye paired with a strong lip. None of which is actually true. I love all of this together but I like to think about makeup logically, through 'rules' and go about the application following the 'rules'.

So I have a very interesting logical explanation behind why the streaky cheek highlight looks super unnatural, unflattering and is not my cup of tea and God willing, never will be.

The below mentioned technique may sound very theoretical but I think it works.

You all know our cheeks are not a flat surface and to amplify their dimensions, we use contour and highlight and colour to bring the cheek area out. And the best way to demonstrate how a 'flat' cheek area can be made to look more 3D, more spherical is to use the image of a circle (like Jordan Liberty did too in one of his videos). But to change that circle into a sphere you have to add shade and light.

Now, have you guys ever observed a sphere shining under light? The highlight is never uniform all over. It has a center of intensity that blends out and bleeds into the shade. And that shade too has a center of intensity farthest from that of highlight's and it's intensity also blends out and merges into the light somewhere in the middle of the sphere giving it that perfect spherical shape.

Now, how can you achieve that look on your cheeks?

By layering your highlight.

Instead of putting one streak of intense highlight all across your cheekbones, put one thin layer and blend it out, put another layer on top but do not blend out the top layer as much as you did the one under it. At the end either use that blinding highlight you love or the same you layered, and put the last layer on the very highest point of the cheekbones and diffuse it out with the smallest of the brushes you have or your finger.

Alternatively, if you have ever done shading while sketching you'll know how you can achieve the same effect by moving your brush/ hands further away from the point of intensity bit by bit and lifting pressure as you go.

Your cheekbones will catch light on all the places that have the blended highlight but will catch it the most on that highest point giving the impression of perfectly plumped, highlighted cheeks.

Sounds like a lot of work in theory but again it's all about the attention to detail and those little rules that actually make all the difference in your makeup.

P.S. The same technique and logic can be applied to your contour. The only difference being highlight is blended down, the contour is blended up.


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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My Current Favorite Look Tutorial

Hello! Long time no see :) One of my favorite pop groups, KNK, had a comeback this month with a repackaged album that has the title track, Rain. They dropped music video teasers for each member, where Jihun’s eye makeup totally stole my heart. It was very simple but it defined his eyes beautifully. Rain is a sad song and they are all men so there wasn’t much vibrancy in the makeup. It was based on defining the facial features. So, this is something anyone can wear for any event and tweak it to your personal taste. This kind of high impact versatile sophistication is exactly what’s missing in our local scene.

Jihun in Rain MV
Figure 1. Jihun in Rain MV

Let’s get started with the tutorial!

Step by step Tutorial
Figure 2 Step by step tutorial

1. Base Colour

I used only one brush for this eye look: Royal and Langnickle Revolution BX-66. The base for this eye look is a medium matte brown which should be darker and warmer than your skin. I used “Sweet Shop” from the Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate eye shadow palette. Notice how I have defined my crease properly and blended the edges so that the color fades into my natural skin color. Remember to define your lower lash line well. It is not meant to be a thin black line rather you recreate the shadow naturally present in that area. No, I am not talking about dark circles which extend way past your lower lash line.

2. Smoked Eye Liner

You need a soft kohl pencil or gel liner which will blend easily but not go all over the place. I used Rivaj UK kohl pencil to make a thin line (slightly thicker on the outside) on the outer half of my upper and lower lash lines. Then I simply blended it out making sure not to blend it too far. Decide that according to your lid space. Since I have partially hooded eyes, I have moderate amount of space.

3. Tight Line & Water Line Definition

Use a long lasting precise black kohl pencil or gel liner to define your upper and lower water lines. Then blend out the lower water line kohl gently into your lower lash line so it’s not visibly separate.

4. Mascara

You can use false lashes if you like. I used Essence I <3 Extreme Volume Waterproof mascara.


Blend a matte cream/ beige shade on the highest point of your brow bone and inner corner. If you are going to do this, I recommend doing it before you apple the base color.


Of course, do your brows in whatever way you prefer. As this is a natural look with earthy looks and strong definition, I suggest doing softer brows. I used Luscious Brow Luxe Eye brow Definer Pencil in Cool Brunette.


The original artist recreated Jihun’s natural complexion so I did the same for myself. I wasn’t going to spend time and energy on covering up every single little scar because I have a lot of those at the moment. I used RCMA foundation as a concealer and a thin layer of Inglot HD Foundation 73. I set it with RCMA Translucent powder because it’s hot and humid here. I don’t have the liberty of applying dewy foundation like Jihun. Instead, I highlighted my cheekbones with the highlighter from Sleek powder contouring kit-Medium. I have a natural bronze so I warmed up my face with the bronze blush from ELF Blush palette - Light. I used the neutral pink from the same blush palette focusing on my apples and blending it backwards and upwards. I contoured under my cheekbones, on my temples and under my jaw line with Inglot HD Sculpting powder 505.


I wasn’t sure what lip color Jihun was wearing, probably a simple lip balm. Gradient lips are really popular in Asia so I created a natural plum one using Essence XXXL Long Lasting Lip gloss in Hot Brownie. It’s actually a matte lip cream in a pretty plum shade. I took some on the back of my hand, smudged it and applied it like a lip balm all over my lips. Then I took the wand and applied some right in the center of my lips. I patted it gently to create a soft fade.

My Recreation
Figure 3: My Recreation
There you have it! All done :) Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Cream Contour Light Medium

Photo Source: TamBeauty
Hey guys! Hope you are staying out the heat and keeping yourself hydrated. Unfortunately, many of us have summer weddings to attend so the hunt for worthy products is on. The contour & highlight craze still hasn’t down in mid-2017 so I’m concerned. On the bright side, more consumer brands are coming out with options for the average makeup hoarder. Makeup Revolution came out with cream and powder contour-highlight palettes before but the shades were too warm in my opinion. During the last few months, they released new versions with different shades and packages. These looked about right to me. I already have two singles for powder so I wanted the cream one in Light Medium. It comes another shade, Medium Dark.

Product Claims

Sculpt, define and enhance your features with our new HD Pro cream contour palette. Available in powder and cream formula. Our cream contour palettes are great for a natural finish. A mix of highlight, contour and bronzing shades in warm and cool undertones so you can find the shades to suit you. Long wearing, highly pigmented and creamy formula.

Contour shades can be used to add definition and depth to the hollows of your cheekbones, jawline and temples. Highlight shades can be used to brighten under eyes, and enhance your cheekbones, cupids bow and wherever else you desire.

Apply with finger tips, or a synthetic brush. Blend with a damp blending sponge or synthetic hair brush.

What Do I Think?

Contouring redefines the shadows naturally present in the receded areas of your face after the foundation has made an even base hiding them to some degree. Your contour shade should be a few shades darker and cooler than your natural skin color. I was slightly disappointed that it only had one cool toned shade with the right depth for people around my complexion. Anyone considerably lighter and cooler than me would struggle with this shade. There should be a shade cooler and lighter than this one.

The top row is made of highlighter shades and there is no shimmer in them. They are meant to be used alone, mixed with each other or your concealer to brighten up the lifted areas of your face. You may apply them lightly under your eyes, top of your cheekbones, forehead, chin and the bridge of your nose. There is another highlighter shade on the bottom right for some reason. Starting from the top left, I will now describe the shades. Remember that the pictures taken do not represent the true color. It differs in various lighting conditions.

We have a warm cream/ivory, light peach, medium tan and medium warm brown/ caramel shade. The bottom right highlighter shade is like vanilla custard. I think the highlighter shade range is good for neutral and warm toned people but not cool toned people. The bottom row starting from the left has a dark cool brown. I wish it was a bit cooler so that people more cool toned than me could use it easily. If someone wanted to warm it up they could have just mixed in the caramel shade. The next is a warmer and lighter brown like milk chocolate and after that we have a dark warm brown like a nutty brown. I use the caramel one as a bronzer and mix the custard with some light peach to make a highlighter shade. The dark cool brown is the contour shade for me but I wish it was slightly cooler. I think this shade range is ideal for Desi skin tones because there aren’t many cool toned people in South Asia.

The packaging is simple and sturdy with a transparent lid so you can easily find it in your stash. The ingredients are printed on the cardboard that covers the palette. It has propylparaben but I don’t really mind since the studies about parabens being harmful are inconclusive. The net weight is 20g but it’s not bulky so you can carry it around while traveling.

The problem with this palette is that its formula is not exactly easy to blend. It’s better during the summer. It feels creamy when you touch it in the palette but once it’s on your skin, it’s a different story. You can put some moisturizer on your brush to help blend it or mix some facial oil in the product. I can confidently say that it lasts reasonably well because it actually stains your skin. I guess this is a good thing but you have to be accurate in your placement.

I suggest never using the war-paint-swipes-on-your-cheek technique with this palette. Firstly, that is never a good idea and secondly, you will have cried a river by the time you’re done blending that on your face. Use your finger, spatula or flat brush to deposit some product on the back of your hand. Then take your fluffy synthetic contour brush and gently lift some product off it. Then you can make a duck face and start applying the cream contour to your face. I’d recommend doing the same when you use the highlight shades minus the duck face. Imagine putting a thick hard-to-blend cream under your eyes. It will just happily sit there and emphasize your wrinkles. Remember, the less product you use the better the results. You can always add more if you want in thin layers buffing away each as you go.

I don’t recommend buying this product if you are a beginner. If you think you can make it work, the price tag seems reasonable and you are out of options then go for it. Let me know what you think and if you have any other questions about it.


1500 PKR


Light weight
Transparent lid
Highlight & contour in one
Wide shade range
Good value


Hard to blend
Less shades for light cool toned skin

My Rating


Have you tried any of the contour palettes by Makeup Revolution?


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Monday, 15 May 2017

Stop Calling Yourself A Makeup Artist Unless..

It's been forever since I last blogged because, firstly I really didn't have any reviews to share with you guys and secondly I have been busy and most of the time lazy. Until I realised, this is our blog and it shouldn't be limited to product reviews only. And today I decided I should start using my blog to pour my heart out as well.

So here it goes for today.

A lot of my fellow peeps here will be offended by what I am about to say but I must.

Until last year I thought anyone with good makeup skills can apply makeup on others, make money, teach others and ultimately put the prestigious tag of Makeup Artist with their names, in their profiles and social media.

Until I was made to see the 'real' reality, experienced a bit of it and my opinion changed.

The tag 'Makeup Artist' is highly prestigious, it doesn't only involve a person with great makeup skills shown through their selfies or the huge collections of makeup available at their disposable. 

It's actually nothing like that.

Mastering as many faces as you can, continuously pushing yourself and not following the Instagram trends are a few of the obvious ones but here is why I think just anyone shouldn't call themselves a Makeup Artist.

1. Don't call yourself a Makeup Artist if you have not and cannot yet do a full face with limited products. The less makeup you have, the more you force your brain to think, create and make good use of the products.

2. Don't call yourself a Makeup Artist if you cannot multi-task WHILE doing great makeup on a face.

3. Don't call yourself a Makeup Artist if you have not and cannot yet deal with the stress that comes along with dealing with a client, managing the time and YET doing great makeup.

4. Don't call yourself a Makeup Artist if you have not and cannot yet do makeup on someone under ANY condition. They might be busy on their phones, they might be moving a lot, they might be talking a lot. Deal with it.

5. Don't call yourself a Makeup Artist if you cannot tell bad makeup apart from good and great makeup.

6. Don't call yourself a Makeup Artist if you think you have learnt it all, done it all and have reached perfection. Staying open to learning is crucial.

Professional Makeup Artists call themselves so for a reason, actually no, for a number of reasons and they are completely justified when self-proclaimed Makeup Artists make them cringe. They have mastered the art over the years by practicing it on other faces, they know how to deal with people under different conditions, they have gone through the stress, the sweat and the tears to get everything work in their favour, they have gone through sleepless nights thinking about a way to make a product work or to achieve a certain look, they have spent hours and hours learning how to do a full face using only primary colours. And it will probably take forever to put all the reasons together.

Let's respect the title, let's respect the profession. I know a lot of us wish to be one of those including myself but let's just not call ourselves or claim to be a Makeup Artist unless we know all of that shiz.

I have experienced a fraction of what I have said and I know there's a lot more to come if I am to continue pursuing this work.

Yours truly,

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