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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Saeed Ghani Multani Mud Mask With Lavender - Review

Mud masks are very famous for oily and acne prone skin, so today let’s check out what Saeed Ghani Multani Mud mask has to offer.

Product Claims

Saeed Ghani Mutani Mud is a unique blend of natural ingredients that has no chemicals. No side effects on any type of skin. Successfully removes spots, wrinkles, pimples and blemishes. Its constant use gives your face a natural glow and will make you more beautiful. Suitable for all ages.

How To Use?

Take two table spoons of Multani mud, mix them in rose water to make a paste and then apply on face. Remove after drying. For dry skin take a little quantity of mud, fresh milk, honey, rose water and make a paste. Apply on face, wash when dry.

Saeed Ghani Multani Mud Mask With Lavender

What Do I Think?

First of all, you DO NOT need two table spoons of mud to make a paste, only a half or three-quarters of a TEA spoon to cover your entire face and neck is enough (trust me!). The product comes sealed in a thin foil-like packet which is put inside the card paper pack. Just a regular packaging there, nothing fancy. The product itself is a finely ground, dry powder. I have combination skin (oily in the T-zone and normal in other areas) which is sensitive too, and using this mask with only rose water left me with severe itching and redness when I had used it for the first time. However, paste only made in milk works well for me. Therefore, I suggest you test this mask on your arm before you put it on face in case you have sensitive skin. Smear the paste onto your face and neck evenly and let it dry. It dries in about 25 – 30 minutes, while it does so I feel a little tickling here and there which is most probably due to Lavender in the mask (sensitive skin, remember?) but that is perfectly fine for me as it does not leave any kind of redness like it did when I used rose water with the mask.

Now moving over to its performance. This mask works good to remove dirt and sebum leaving my face fresh and clean. The oil on my T-zone does not return for 4 – 5 hours straight after using it and I also feel acne marks lightening (when I have any). I use it once a week as the weather where I live is now becoming pleasant with each passing day, but you can also use it more than once a week depending upon your skin.


PKR 120


At any good local cosmetics store and online at just4girls.pk.


Not expensive at all
Keeps oil away for a good amount of time leaving a fresh breathable skin
Made of natural ingredients


Can be too drying for already dry skin
May cause itching or rashes on extremely sensitive skin

My Rating


Have you tried this mud mask? How did it work out for you?

Please do comment below and let me know your views on this product.

Thank you for reading this post :)



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  1. Nice review...seems like a good affordable mask...Thanks for pointing out it might be harsh on sensitive skin.... :)

  2. Yes it can be a little harsh for those with extremely sensitive skin and that is most probably due to Lavender in the mask..

  3. Hey. That was a really honest review. :)

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