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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Fall Look: Romantic Vs. Glam

It fall time, yay! And that calls for some warm eyes and bold lips ;) I was experimenting with makeup the other day and came up with TWO looks that could be achieved simply by the change of lip colour! Yes you read it right. J Without further delay let’s have a look on what I came up with.

Garnier B. B. Cream (Light)
Essence Mattifying Compact Powder (Natural Beige 01)
Luscious Studio Secret Instant Brightening Concealer (No. 2)
MUA Blusher (Lolly)

BH Cosmetics 120 Colour Eye Shadow Palette 5th Edition
MUA Professional Eyes Primer
Essence Eyeliner Pen Extra Longlasting
Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara
MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner (Rich Brown)
Essence Stays No Matter What Eyepencil and Shadow (07 Whipped White Frosting)
Sweet Touch Eyelash Adhesive
Kryolan Eye Lashes (TV-5)

WetnWild Lipsticks (In The Flesh and Cherry Bomb)

Lid: Copper gold
Crease 1: Pale gold
Crease 2: Matte plum
Inner Corner: Champagne
Brow-bone: Pale silver

1. Apply primer and prepare your brows.

2. Apply the warm gold Lid colour all over your lids.

3. Blend it out with Crease 1 colour, add Crease 2 colour and blend some more.

4. Deepen the crease with Crease 2 colour until desired depth is achieved.

5. Apply Inner Corner colour and Brow-bone colour to highlight inner corners and brow bone. Add Lid colour some more in the centre of your lid to bring back the intensity lost during blending.

6. Apply the Lid colour on your lower lash line, a white or champagne pencil on your waterline to make your eyes appear larger and a deep brown pencil or matte shadow on the out part of your lower lash line for extra dimension.

7. Finish off with eyeliner 
and mascara on upper and bottom lashes 
(I added lashes cut in half on the outer part of my eyes only to give them extra volume without overdoing, since I have sparse lashes).

The Final Look

After you are done with the eyes, 
conceal your under eyes, apply foundation or BB cream you desire, 
powder to mattify, a peachy-coral blush like MUA Lolly and lipstick.

A tip for newbies: 
After you are done with the eye makeup, 
take a Q-tip and remove the eye-shadows below your eyeliner 
wing that will give your eyes more cleaner and defined look.

And here is the finished look with 
WetnWild “In The Flesh” to give it a soft romantic touch 
and WetnWild “Cherry Bomb” for that extra glamorous look. ;)

Left: Glam Look with "Cherry Bomb", Right: Romantic Look with "In The Flesh"
Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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  1. Hey! I love how Cherry Bomb looks on you <3 Totally FALL :-)

    1. Thank you dear :)
      It looks even better when intensified ;)

  2. Lovely eye makeup!

  3. Love that vampire lip colour :) It suits you too well :)

    1. I always encourage people to try out such shades, it will look lovely on all the skin tones. I love it! :)

  4. Wooow love it.. Love the gold eyes.. And I love "In the Flesh" on ur lips with this look... Great job (Y)

    1. Thank you Huda :) I hope to create more such posts in future. :)


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