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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Luscious Super Moisturizing Lipsticks - A Mini Guide and Review

Hello lovelies! Today I will be reviewing the Luscious super moisturizing lipsticks from a much loved local brand known for its affordable prices yet great quality. Also, since I have quite a collection of these, today will be a small lesson on what lip colors suit what skin tones. I am no expert but I have learnt from my mistakes and hope to help those who are often confused like me when it comes to shade selection.

Product Claims

A creamy and moisturizing formula enriched with Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil for healthy lips. Designed for all day comfort and natural color results. Each shade is now a celebrity! Available in 20 satin-finish, shimmer and glossy shades.

Under Flash

What Do I Think?

I like how the design is simple yet not cheap to look at and the Luscious logo is a nice touch. There are a lot of good things to say about this range and I think the best part is that they are fragrance free so no one has to avoid them just because of an undesirable scent. The first thing I probably look for in any lip product is the pigmentation. I think this is one of the most heavily pigmented lipsticks I have ever tried. The creaminess plays a part in this I feel because it glides on so effortlessly that I don’t have to keep swiping it over my lips to get good color payoff. I was really happy that it lived up to its claim of being super moisturizing. It has an average staying power of about 3-4 hours with minimal eating and drinking. It is unfortunate that the staying power is affected in hot and humid weather and that is my only issue because the weather here is mostly hot. This can be remedied by using a lip liner underneath and making sure you don’t load up too much of the product on your lips.

What Colors to Choose for Your Skin tone?

The arm swatches above are on my neutral skin and today my sister will be the cool toned model while my blog partner Fizzah represents the warm toned dusky beauties. The lip swatches below will show you how a color looks completely different on a person with another skin tone. While picking out a lip color for yourself, go with the age old philosophy “Nature knows best”. Study your natural lip color. If it has more pink, you know that pink tones are a safe bet for you, if it has more brown in it then choose one where brown tones are more prominent. It can be tricky to find a balanced color that suits you perfectly.

The tones in your lip color should match those of your skin for example, cool toned people should go for cool lip shades. If cool toned women go for darker warmer shades they might look too harsh on them and cooler lighter lip colors clash with warm toned skin and may even wash them out. All the lip swatches have been taken in daylight. I hope you guys find this useful.

Sunset Pink

It is a peachy neutral beige color.

Its full intensity shows up on cool tones. It has a white base so it clashes with the yellow tones in neutral and warm skin tones.

Sunset Pink on a Cool Toned Person

Sunset Pink on a Neutral Toned Person

Sunset Pink on a Warm Toned Person

It is a warm latte.

The yellow tones in neutral and warm skin tones absorb the brown color making it appear lighter. It is a beautiful nude for warm tones.

Honeydew on a Cool Toned Person

Honeydew on a Neutral Toned Person

Honeydew on a Warm Toned Person
Haute Pink

It is a bright pink shade.

The red tones of this shade are more prominent on a cool toned person and it looks pinker as the warmth of the skin tone increases. It looks great on everyone though.

Haute Pink on a Cool Toned Person

Haute Pink on a Neutral Toned Person
Just Peachy

It is a medium peach color. 

On a darker warm toned person it appears much lighter, almost as a pretty everyday medium to nude color depending on your depth.

Just Peachy on a Cool Toned Person

Just Peachy on a Neutral Toned Person

Just Peachy on a Warm Toned Person

It is a mocha pink shade. 

An ideal every day color for a dark warm toned person but the brown in it shows up a lot more on neutral and cool skin tones.

Dreams on a Cool Toned Person

Just Peachy on a Neutral Toned Person

Just Peachy on a Warm Toned Person


Online from the Luscious website and large departmental stores across Pakistan.


Very pigmented
Very moisturizing
Easy application
Great color range especially for warm tones
Pleasant sturdy packaging
Fragrance free


I personally didn’t find anything undesirable about them

My Rating 


Did you find this mini guide to be helpful? Please let us know in the comments below if you’d like to see more such posts in future.



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  1. .Very nice post... I mist appreciate ur effort to compare the same shade on three different skin tones... Hats off... :) luscious lipsticks are really great for the price... sunset pink is a gorgeousssss shade... <3

    1. Thank you for your appreciation and encouragement :) Yes it is one of our favourite brands. Great stuff at affordable rates! Yes Sunset pink actually depends more on how fair you are as compared to what your tone is. It really suits people with fair skin and yellow tones :)

  2. Nice share. All the colors are lovely

  3. Amazing! I'm just so happy to have seen something local like this on three different undertones ^_^ Now I want to see EVERY lipstick that way! Good effort, worth reading! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you! It was great fun for us too and a different angle. Keep letting us know what you people would like to see in future posts :)

  4. Applause for your effort first of all..
    I love how they all look different on different skin tone

    1. Thank you :) Yes it's almost like magic ;)

  5. Wow I am impressed, very thoughtful as it will guide all which shade to go for keeping their own skin tone in mind. Great appluase for the team of Pout Painters!!!

    1. Thank you so much for you kind words :) As we are relatively new to makeup, we try to show people what we have learned and how they can relate to it.

  6. I need to get Just Peachy! Amazing lip swatches! Every time I am at the Luscious counter, all the shades I need to get escape my mind and that's why I don't own a lipstick from them yet! :/ x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. We can understand! They all look so similar every time we swatch them at the store :D

  7. All the colors are beautiful, well definitely get some from luscious :)

    1. There a wide range that will definitely have some that will look gorgeous on you guys. Do review them and show us when you get some :)

  8. THIS SO helpful, i'm fan girling over your posts :)

  9. Even though I had commented on this before, seeing it again ... WOW! This should be your thing, believe me! Show us all lipstick swatches as Warm/Neutral/Cool toned ones.

    1. Thanks for all the love :* :* :* We would be able to do this for when we have more lippies from a certain range. Sadaf ropes in her elder sister for the cool toned swatches so it depends on her cooperation you see :D So glad you appreciated our effort. It was back-breaking quite literally!

  10. Realy realy helpful thanks alot


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