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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Co-Natural Better Than Ubtan Face & Body Scrub - Review

Hi everyone! It seems I have not written a review in ages! Today I am back with the review on Co-Natural Better Than Ubtan Scrub. I actually wanted to use the whole jar before I jumped to conclusions and write the review so now since my jar is finished I am sitting here writing.

Product Claims

Stimulates skin microcirculation, gently exfoliates, leaving skin soft and smooth.


For use on the whole body, add five level tablespoons of Co-Natural Instant Better Than Ubtan Face and Body Scrub in a small bowl. Add ten drops of Co-Natural Radiance Oil Blend. Add one teaspoon of cream or yogurt and three tablespoons of milk. Mix into a thick paste. Apply onto body and massage in a circular motion. Leave mixture for 2-3 minutes so that it settles on skin. Rub up and down on body until mixture becomes flaky and falls of skin. (Note: Do not rub on face; Use gentle circular round movements). Rinse off with water.

For Brides: Use every second day for 4 weeks for an absolute transformation in skin tone and feel. For maintenance, use every ten days.

What Do I Think?

The product comes in a big plastic jar (bigger than a palm size) sealed properly. It has amazingly refreshing aroma of ubtan and nuts. When I first used it I noticed some big chunks of almonds inside, I took out one full tablespoon of the product and made a paste with full cream milk and rose water and applied as mentioned on the jar. The nuts, which work as exfoliant, could not stick to my face (as you are supposed to leave the product for a minute or two on your face after application) and kept on falling while I worked with it in circular motions and little did they exfoliate. Then for the next usage I crushed the scrub properly with a heavy nut crusher which evened it out and converted the bigger chunks of almonds in to smaller pieces. The result? The scrub along with the nuts spread evenly on my face and actually stayed on my face! It even made the rubbing part easier. We all have learnt this thing in our science classes, the smaller the surface area the greater the activity. So, I recommend breaking down the pieces of nuts every time you use it to get maximum benefit. I also noticed that one teaspoon of the product was enough for my face, neck and hands and if I used more it was eventually wasted.

The big jar may give you the notion that there must be a lot of product inside but there actually is not. It only contains 60g of the scrub which lasted me 12–14 uses and that too only on the face, neck and hands up to the wrists (I didn’t use it on the rest of my body). Moreover I did not order the Radiance Oil with it, which the company recommends using with their products, as I wanted to try out the scrub alone to determine its performance.

Now coming to the results part. It cleans out the skin and removes black heads very effectively, makes it smooth and reduces pore size to some extent by tightening the skin. It neither irritated my skin nor dried it out completely and a light moisturizer would work well for me as my skin becomes very dry in winters after I exfoliate it. I did not notice any drastic change in my skin tone if that’s your concern, it did make my complexion brighter (did not make my skin tone even) and my skin softer and smoother but if you expect a snow-white skin after using this product then, I am afraid, you will be disappointed.


PKR 1500 (for 60g)


Online from Co-Natural


Free from Parabens, Triclosan, Artificial Musks, Phthalates, Petroleum Jelly, SLS, Silicones and PPD
100% Natural Ingredients
Makes skin smooth
Removes Blackheads
Exfoliates gently
Brightens up the skin
Does not dry out



My Rating


Have you tried any of the Co-Natural Products? Would you like me to try out any other?


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  1. I have also reviewed this product on my blog. Yes it has temporary effect however mine did not have chunks in it..it is evenly crushed!

  2. Sounds amazing but definitely pricey. You can get better scrubs at much lower price. Thanks for sharing though :)

  3. I love scrubs and this sounds effective but a bit costly to me. Nice review :) x

    Momina Haseeb | ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

    1. Yep it's pricey but looking at the all-natural ingredients this is good.. I still feel there are many other alternatives out there.

  4. This sounds good but too expensive, you know the best homemade scrub is mixture of yogurt, gram flour and turmeric powder and trust me it is marvelous, nothing can beat it :)

  5. Your review was very helpful for me to decide whether to invest on it or not. I think, I'd pass. For 1500, I'd definitely expect it to perform a bit more - maybe even out my skin or something. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. x

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams Diary

    1. Yes that's for the scrub only and they say it works and delivers the results IF we use their Radiance Oil too with it which is for PKR 900.. I didn't buy it on purpose but I guess that is a must with it.. Let me know the results if you try

  6. Nice review, but still this one is bit expensive :)


  7. That's a very less quantity for such expensive price. Good review. Come, visit my blog. Thanks


  8. looks great but a little overpriced.nice and honest review.

  9. Love your honest and detailed review :) I need to try it now as it removes blackheads :) xx

  10. I had heard so many good things but it doesn't sound extra impressive. Expensive for the quantity.

  11. its seems to be very expensive for the quantity offered.

  12. If it requires grinding I think its a total waste.great review dear.u saved my money *winks*

  13. Wow this sounds like a great product and love your detailed review :)

  14. I have to try this yar. Everyone seems to like it. Nice review.

  15. I also want to review on two products one is co Natural face and body scrub and the other is Baiden Mitten Treatment - Exfoliating Face Body Scrub. I found both products sound effective and beneficial for skin. I buy it from http://www.storemass.com/category/skin-care-28/ because these are not available at local Pakistani stores.


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