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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Sigma Beauty Eye Brushes – Review

I am all about perfection when it comes to makeup especially eye makeup. I did not get those “photogenic” or even close-to-awesome results with the makeup brushes I previously used for my makeup looks and then came a time when I strongly longed for ideal makeup tools especially for eye makeup. One fine day I finally got a chance to shop from Sigma through some friend living in US (yes that was one long procedure) and I decided to splurge on their eye brushes.

I ordered their 6 eye brushes E21, E30S, E44, E45, E46 and E57 with ferrules in chrome finish. Since my order exceeded $30 amount they were kind enough to send a free mini E56 brush as a complimentary gift. You can very well imagine the level of happiness when I had discovered that in the box. :D

So were those worth my money? Let’s find out.

Note: I have put up pictures of the brushes in before and after washing condition for you guys to have a better idea.

What Do I Think?

The first thing I noticed about these brushes was that they have amazingly thick and extremely soft bristles and this goes for all the brushes I got. We all know that for a makeup brush “the thicker the better” unless of course it does not shed any hair. The handles on all the brushes go thicker as the brush size gets bigger and they look as well as feel high-end. I have used them many times now and I did not notice any staining or shedding of the bristles or the handles going loose or faulty. The chrome finish on the ferrules gives the brushes a chic look; I love how they shine under light Haha! I have washed them too and did not observe any shedding during and after washing. Do not be harsh with them while you wash and shape them properly when you leave them to dry. I understand they are supposed to withstand “harshness” (with THAT price tag) but you also have to be careful if you want them to last very long.

E21 – Smudge

The E21 Smudge features a very small and short, rounded brush head perfect to smudge the eyeliner, eye shadow on lower lash line and even create a crisp crease. I have done it all with it and hence find it multi-purpose. If you want something that does ALL the detailed work for the eyes, this is the brush for you.

It neither shed any hair nor changed its shape after washing.

Price $14.00

E30S – Pencil

The E30S Pencil features a chisel shaped (flat on one side and rounded on the other), thick and pointed brush head perfect to apply eye shadow on the lower lash line for a smudged effect, create a cut crease and apply eye shadow on any other concentrated areas of the eyes. Another multi-tasked brush!

It neither shed any hair nor changed its shape after washing.

Price $14.00

E44 – Firm Blender

The E44 Firm Blender features a firm, dense brush head great for intense crease application for even blending of colour or blending two shades together. You can soften out the crease colour with it very well without losing any control over the application. I use this one for blending out and mixing colours together in the crease to get perfect transition.

It neither shed any hair nor changed its shape after washing.

Price $16.00

E45 – Small Tapered Blending

The E45 Small Tapered Blending brush features a small, tapered brush head with a pointed tip. I love its shape, the pointed tip allows me to place colour in the crease very well to add depth with great control.

It did not shed any hair but changed its shape a bit after washing which did not affect its performance.

Price $14.00

E46 – Shader – Inner Corner

The E46 Shader Inner Corner features a small, tapered oval brush head which is perfect for adding colour to the inner corners and lower lash line of the eye. It gives me control over concentrated application in the inner corners.

It neither shed any hair nor changed its shape after washing.

Price $14.00

E56 – Shader – Lid

The E56 Shader Lid features an oval, tapered tip similar to E46 but broader hence perfect for precise placement of eye shadows either on in the inner corners or smaller areas of the lid.

It neither shed any hair nor changed its shape after washing.

Price $14.00

E57 – Firm Shader

The E57 Firm Shader features soft yet firm fibers with a short, flat brush head. This brush helps in concentrated colour application onto the lids with amazing control.

It neither shed any hair nor changed its shape after washing.

Price $14.00



No shedding
Soft yet thick bristles
Do not irritate the skin
Complete control with the thick handles
Feel and look high-end


E45 changed its shape a bit after washing

My Rating


Now I am up to try some face brushes by Sigma too as I am hopeful those too will not disappoint me. I highly recommend these brushes to you guys if you also wish to polish your makeup skills and get the perfect results because what I have learnt is that tools, especially the good ones, do make a difference. In the end it’s all about enough practice, your dedication and the perfect tools.

You can check out my work on our Instagram where I use these Sigma Brushes in my makeup looks :)


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  1. I completely agree these brushes are totally worth buying. My eye makeup application skills have improved a lot with my Sigma eye brushes and the face brushes work even better. Nice review

    1. Yes they are worth the money! I am planning to try their face brushes too now

  2. That's a great collection of brushes. I've been wanting the E55. I've read great reviews about it.

  3. That's a great collection of brushes! :D

  4. You have some great makeup brushes. Great review :)

  5. you got some really fine brushes there hon.As an eye makeup addict I strongly feel the need to buy good brushes.loved your review.

  6. They seem to me very good quality but wish I could them because Sigma brushes are very expensive.


  7. Hey, how did you order these online ? May I know the website which ships makeup to Pakistan ?


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