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Friday, 8 May 2015

Essence Maximum Length Volume Mascara – Review

I am on a quest to find THE BEST mascara out there for my thin barely visible lashes. While looking for some mascara one day, I found this one by Essence at Enem and decided to give it a try. Let’s find out what I think.

Product Claims

Mascara for ultimate length, extra volume and perfect definition with lash extending fibres. No clumps. Ophthalmologically approved.

What Do I Think?

I am someone who looks for that “special” wand in a mascara before purchasing it because my thin sparse lashes just won’t behave well with just any wand out there and this mascara has the perfect one for thin lashes because it catches every single lash and coats them well. The formula is neither too dry nor too runny and if you are familiar with mascaras and their formulae, you can very well tell that relatively thick formula goes really well for thin lashes and gives them a lift; Essence Maximum Length Volume Mascara does exactly that. Another thing I noticed about the formula is that, although relatively dry, it does not form clumps at all inside the tube. It gives my lashes an uplift leaving out the need to use a curler (just a personal preference). The formula is good enough to build volume without clumping the lashes and dries quickly and the fibres in it also do provide a considerable length. While the volume stays put for hours, the fibres start to fall off the lashes (I notice tiny little specs in my under eye area) after 2 – 3 hours reducing the length of lashes. Since I have not tried any other mascara with fibres yet, I cannot say if this is how the fibres in a mascara perform or are meant to perform. Overall, a pretty good mascara with the perfect formula and wand for any lashes especially thin and sparse.

A word of advice: Be careful with the wand while you apply mascara which has fibres because a few times I accidently ended up with one or two fibres in my eyes and it irritates the eyes.


PKR 590 (for 8mL)


All big stores with Essence kiosk.


Flexible wand
Dries fast
Lengthens the lashes
Does not clump


Fall out

My Rating


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  1. This maskara looks grt thanks for sharing btw i love these cute dolls give it to me :-P love your review :-)

    1. Welcome :) Those actually had key rings attached to their heads, I removed those to use them as props :D

  2. Woah woah woaaahh look at that volume and length girrrlll!! Definitely gonna pick it up now

  3. It does add volume to the lashes. You have beautiful eyes MA :)

    1. Thanks Kiran. Yes it does but the fibres don't stay put for long hours..

  4. I almost have same eyelashes Like you so I guess I have to give it a try as I can see difference after usage. And yeah doll are cute ;). Great detailed review.

    1. Thanks :) Yes do give it a try. You might like it who knows :D

  5. Niceeee.... Cool mascara as it doesn't give a clumsy look .... Lashes are separate but have visible change in length and volume. :) Lovely review as well as dolls. :)

  6. Awww.... those dolls are so cute. Good job

    1. Thanks Madeeha :D Those were attached to key chains.. I removed the rings to use them for photoshoot :D

  7. this mascara looks great to use on daily basis

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Natasha :) I had quite a collection of those.. Some just got snapped with time

  9. Results look pretty great. For the price, it looks like a great mascara

  10. Essence products are great because they are so affordable .. It's not like their products suck . Looks great to me !!!

  11. it looks great, it definitely gives volume & length to lashes:)

  12. Woww love the end results .. def a must buy .. thanks for sharing ♡♡


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