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Saturday, 19 September 2015

11 Things You Did Not Know About Us

Bia of The Beauty Finds tagged us to complete this post where you get a chance to have a sneak peek inside our minds and lives. It’s always fun doing such posts and we hope you guys enjoy them reading as much as we did answering.

Question: If you have an option to wear a certain makeup product/brand PERMANENTLY on your face (without any side effects, of course), what would that be?

Sadaf: It would be a soft face sculpting kit because I think it enhances the natural shape of your bone structure really well without making you look like a fake.

Fizzah: Highlighter that would be for sure! Let me brag a little about myself here. I have somewhat-prominent cheekbones, of course nothing sort of Benedict Cumberbatch’s (Hi Sherlock fans a.k.a Cumberbitches! :-D Yes I am burning in the same agony of wait), but just a little highlight and I get that “sexy” high cheekbone effect which I absolutely love and it wouldn’t hurt me to flaunt it forever. :-D

Question: Which local or international celebrity carries 'your' fashion & beauty style?

Sadaf: I can’t think of any famous celebrity but Keiko Lynn is a blogger I really admire. She loves bright colours and neutrals equally like me. I totally dig her style which revolves around simplicity, cuteness and often, kitties! :D

Fizzah: I am a HUGE fan of neutral eye shadows and I “think” these are the only colours I can do really well with and since Carli Bybel is another beauty blogger/Youtuber who is in love with neutrals as much as I am, I’d pick her.

Question: Share one trait/habit/achievement of yours that you are immensely proud of?

Sadaf: I am really proud of how I let go of my prejudices and judgmental attitude, instilled from birth thanks to our society. Embracing other people’s ideas has actually helped me be a lot less critical of myself. It has brought me a lot of peace and happiness.

Fizzah: *Goes into the self-admiration mode again* I am an all-rounder. Whatever I have decided to do in life, be it Masters in Chemistry, research in Organic Chemistry, a little bit of cooking (without any prior experience), trying my hand on sketching and other artistic work, makeup application or blogging, I think I have done well if not best, considering I am untrained professionally. I am my own competition. As for the trait, I don’t know why but I just cannot think negative of someone. I feel there is always a good reason behind someone’s behavior or choices they make and it would be highly unfair not to give them a second chance, AND I cannot say “no” to my friends when they ask for help. Bragged too much I guess, let’s go to the next question, shall we? :-D

Question: If you could get a chance to meet some historical or family figure in a dream, what would you say/do?

Sadaf: It would have to be my paternal grandfather, who passed away five years before my parents got married. He was an amazing man as confirmed by everyone from the guy with the breakfast deli, who served us a meal for free, to the heads of leading universities. Everywhere I go with my family, we are given so much respect just because we share his blood. I would ask him how he gained such loyalty and reverence.

Fizzah: Difficult to say, but that would be my maternal grandfather. He died when my mother was a teenager. I have heard a lot about him and his patience and love not only with people but his pets as well. I would just like to see how he was in real life.

Question: If you could eliminate a certain beauty habit or trend from the world, what would that be?

Sadaf: There are actually two, which I believe are destroying the diversity and natural beauty Nature gifted us. Firstly the strong contouring because all we can see is brown and white so the person disappears. Secondly, over drawn lips! There is a difference between balancing out your lips and completely changing their shape. That shape was not meant for you so now you look like a cosmetic surgery gone bad. These two things make everyone look the same and will be the death of beauty I feel.

Fizzah: I second Sadaf here. Every now and then I go through my Instagram feed all I see is plastic-y faces with similar contour and overdrawn lips. To be honest, I just un-followed a very famous beauty celebrity’s accounts on Instagram for similar reasons (I wouldn’t name her :-D) On the contrary, I love Wayne Goss for encouraging his followers to embrace their gifted beauty.

Question: What beauty product never worked for you, yet everybody else raves about it?

Sadaf: Garnier BB crรจme is just not for me. When you cannot find your shade, there is no point to a base. Also, it was hard to blend. I could only use it as a concealer sometimes because it was lighter and stayed put.   

Fizzah: Again I would second Sadaf, people have been raving a lot about Garnier BB cream as well as the Pond’s one. I didn’t like either of them.

Question: What is the cheapest Holy Grail product of yours?

Sadaf: That would be my Essence white kajal pencil which costs only 180 PKR. I use it to highlight my inner corner and brow bone. It also works well as an eye base for lighter colours. The texture is just perfect and I don’t think I will find a replacement this cheap.

Fizzah: The cheapest product I have in my stash that I use in almost every look I do is the Essence Black Kohl pencil.

Question: What beauty habit of your mother/grandmother have been passed on to you?

Sadaf: My mother never skips mascara and neither do I.

Fizzah: Sadly, my mother was never, and is still not, among the women who are into makeup. I have never seen her much drawn towards makeup or anything related. I, however, am a totally different case and would leave a lot of beauty habits for my children :-D

Question: What career or life aspirations from your childhood were so absurd that you laugh on them now?

Sadaf: I wanted to be a teacher. That is the shortest joke ever considering the state of teachers in our country.

Fizzah: Now when this is asked, I realize I never had any career goals in childhood. Oops! :-D Like I said before, I have always been good at everything I have done and this has always left me confused about my career choices. I think I am still going through self-exploration and my newfound love and skill is makeup. :-D

Question: What the best/most favorite act of charity for you?

Sadaf: Greeting people who have been hateful and cruel to you and the ones you love. I just do not have the ability to clamp down my anger and forgive such poor excuses for human beings.

Fizzah: Being available for people I love without asking/expecting something in return.

Question: What is the dark-side of beauty blogging?

Sadaf: I think constant exposure to the unfair judgment and cruel criticism from the public and members of the beauty community wears a person down like nothing else.

Fizzah: People think you get products/favours/publicity without doing much and anybody can do it (what’s so special about it, huh?). Well yes anybody can blog but it really takes hard work, time and dedication to get your work recognized. I think people can try and be a little more appreciative.

That’s all from our side.

We would like to tag Jadirah Sarmad of Jasmine CatchesButterflies, Wajiha Ahmed of TheFashion Files by Wajiha, Anila Ali of Ana Loves and Shinaaya Naya of Intensify Beauty Blog for the post.

Here are questions for you guys from our side:

1. Which mythical/ supernatural creature do you relate to the most and why?
2. What is the one quality in your opinion that makes you strong as a person and a blogger?
3. Which beauty product do you think is the most overrated among beauty bloggers?
4. What has been the biggest challenge in your personal/blogging life and how did you overcome it?
5. Tell us about your worst experience with a brand or PR company?
6. Who is the one person/celebrity in your opinion who is in dire need of a makeover? What would you do their makeover?
7. What is your fondest childhood memory and which is the most embarrassing?
8. What would you say to beauty bloggers and Youtubers who do paid dishonest reviews?
9. Everyone has weak moments. Have you ever thought of giving up blogging? If yes, what was your reason and how did you cope with it?
10. What is the most daring makeup look you have done to date for an event?
11. Which past fashion trend makes you cringe when you look back at old photos?

We look forward to reading your answers.


Fizzah and Sadaf

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  1. You two...
    Come here. *hugs*
    It is honestly one of my favorite reads from you guys. Thank you for taking time out and doing this tag! I was hooked reading your answers and thought that I should have asked more of these !
    Bless you!! ^_^

    1. And I love the fact that I can be myself while answering such questions ;-)

  2. I so relate to most of your answers ๐Ÿ˜ฎ haha ๐Ÿ˜ my biggest impossible wish is to meet my grandparents both maternal and paternal because i soo miss their presence in my life i never met three of them except of nani ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฐ although your answers were whole lot of fun
    Enjoyed it to bits ❤❤

    1. They really are very important especially growing up :) Glad you enjoyed -Sadaf

  3. You girls are so much fun. Loved reading your answers... Hahah and Fizzah's self admiration mode is cute. Oh and I too hate heavy contouring too. Its just so unnatural. Great post

    1. Don't encourage her Huda :l She is already out of control! -Sadaf

  4. lovedddd reading the answers.. enjoyed the post a lot..

    Diaries of a hidden Fashionista

  5. It is always great to know a fellow blogger intimately <3 Surprisingly, I too would like to meet my maternal grandfather, I have heard such great stuff about him but he passed away when my mother was still a teenager.

    1. Yes it is one of the most exciting parts of being in a community :) -Sadaf

  6. Its was more than a pleasure to read your answers...Great post.

    1. Thanks for taking out the time to learn more about us :) -Sadaf

  7. I really loved reading your answers, that too much contouring and over drawn lips are terrible no doubt.

    1. Yep but I have discovered recently that subtly overdrawn lips can actually do magic as well :D

  8. Hahahaha Cumberbitches! ;) Also Carli Bybel is gorgeous,

    1. Isn't he simply amazing! *_*
      Yes she is so pretty! ^_^

  9. Fizzah, I could relate to most of your answers! :D And Sadaf, I so agree with you too on overdone contouring and lining! :/ Love the questions you guys have asked! Must post on it in October! :D Thanks! <3

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies สšฯŠษž

    1. Oh, and I would like to meet my maternal grandfather too who also passed away when my mum was quite young! :(

    2. Looking forward to your post! ^_^

  10. This is a fun post. Enjoyed reading your answers girls :)

  11. Thanks that a great insight on so many things hehe about you girls a fun post :D



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