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Saturday, 12 September 2015

BH Sculpt & Blend 10 Piece Brush Set – Review

When I started practicing makeup a few years back I realised how important it is to use good tools. I would go to the market with my mother and search every shop for the makeup brushes similar to the ones I had seen Youtube Gurus use in their tutorials. As a result of my search, I ended up advising shopkeepers to bring better stuff instead of purchasing anything from them. I spotted BH cosmetics Wild Purple Brush Set on Just4girls one day and since it was on sale I decided to give it a shot. They looked pretty good and similar to what I have been looking for. That was the first ever brush set I owned and had a love-hate relationship with it. Although the bigger face brushes were quite good, the rest of them left me frustrated partly because I was still bad at makeup application and partly because the brushes were not behaving like I had expected.

I lacked good brushes for quite some time especially for cream products. BH Sculpt & Blend Set was purchased after a lot of research because I was not sure if I should take a second chance with BH brushes (I had already tried Sigma brushes by then and had decided to purchase their face brushes as well). The set came on sale and I gave it a go.

Product Description

BH Cosmetics 10-piece Sculpt and Blend Brush Set is the ultimate toolkit for foolproof contouring, shading and illuminating your features. The elegant black and gold, dual-fiber collection — specially crafted for applying liquids, creams and powders — includes five face brushes and five  detailing brushes, making it easy to define your jawline, slim your nose, and create killer cheekbones, as well as highlight around eyes, fake fuller lips, and blend for a soft, seamless look.
  • Cruelty Free Synthetic Brushes
  • High-quality
  • Easy to Clean
  • High Functionality

What Do I Think?

The brushes set came in a clear plastic zipper bag. Comparing with the previous BH set I owned, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. They feature matte black handles with gold ferrules which look chic and the dual-fibre heads are thicker than I had anticipated. I have a very sensitive skin which tickles even at the touch of my own hair! Considering that and my experience with some of the brushes from the previous BH Brush Set (I only use the bigger brushes from that set now), this one was a pleasant surprise! The brushes felt amazingly soft against my skin. I own a Sigma F8- Flat Kabuki which is similar in shape to the Flat Kabuki brush from BH Sculpt and Blend Set, I swirled both the brushes on my cheeks with my eyes closed and tried spotting a difference. None. They felt exactly the same!

I have washed these quite a few times now and except for a few splay hair in flat and angled kabuki brushes, I did not observe any shedding or change of shape. The thicker brushes needed two-three washes to get rid of any traces of product that would have gathered and dried inside. I did not face difficulty in application and blending of cream as well as powder products with these brushes except for one thing, the smaller brushes are too small for my liking to blend concealer in the under eye area. Instead, I use those to stipple product, conceal imperfections on the rest of my face; and also for nose and cheek bone contouring and highlighting. If you wish to place powder products on specific areas of your face with the bigger brushes of this set (such as blush application), considering they are compact and thick, I’d suggest you begin with very little product as these tend to pick up more powder product than necessary. This does not happen with cream products though.

I didn’t know it when I purchased this set but all the brushes in BH Sculpt and Blend Set are similar to Sigma Essential Kit 10 Brushes!

(Similar to Sigma F80 - Flat Kabuki)

(Similar to Sigma F82 - Round Kabuki)

(Similar to Sigma F84 - Angled Kabuki)

(Similar to Sigma F88 - Flat Angled Kabuki)

(Similar to Sigma F86 - Tapered Kabuki)

(Similar to Sigma P80 - Precision Flat)

(Similar to Sigma P82 - Precision Round)

(Similar to Sigma P84 - Precision Angled)

(Similar to Sigma P88 - Precision Flat Angled)

(Similar to Sigma P86 - Precision Tapered)

Here, I have compared only Sigma F80 and BH Flat Kabuki since that is only what I had.

Points of difference: Sigma F80 is heavier than BH Flat Kabuki and thicker as well. F80 washes much more easily compared to BH one and has not stained once.

Points of similarity: They feel EXACTLY the same against my skin. I judged both of these critically and wished I may find something to put F80 above BH Flat Kabuki in terms of performance but good news is I couldn’t, both functioned exactly the same.

I cannot say if the rest of BH Sculpt and Blend brushes are dupes for Sigma ones but I can say that they must be very close in performance to Sigma ones. If you are on a budget and cannot afford Sigma, get this set. It's a great steal!


Original Price: $30.00
Sale Price: $20.00


Online at BH Cosmetics


No shedding
Easy to wash
Soft bristles
Travel-friendly packaging


Splaying of hair in smaller brushes after first wash
Few of them got stained

My Rating


Have you tried any brushes from BH Cosmetics? How was your experience?


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  1. Wow beautiful brushes! Totally drooling x

  2. I loved this review & I love how gorgeous the burshes look <3

    1. Thank you so much for reading :) -Fizzah

  3. These brushes have been on my wishlist since the day I set my eyes upon them. They look adorable and I can see how soft they must be. Lovely post:)

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. Yes they are extremely soft :) -Fizzah

  4. These Re zoo affordable. How much delivery charges did you pay?

    1. Yar I preordered it through Indelath FB page. It was on 50% off sale when I ordered. Payed her 2100 or I guess 2000 including her commission ☺

  5. Ma ma mia Fizzah! This is such a genius post! Next time this set goes on a sale i am grabbing it.... Thanks to you xx

  6. Ma ma mia Fizzah! This is such a genius post! Next time this set goes on a sale i am grabbing it.... Thanks to you xx

  7. The brushes look quite dense and good value for money. But yes nothing can beat Sigma Beauty brushes. Great review :)

    1. Yep nothing can beat Sigma. I think MAC can :D

  8. I have tried pop art brush set form BH cosmetics. I found them good . These brushes looks very dense. Love your review.

    1. Yep they are quite dense. This is the second set from BH that I have tried. Didnt like the previous one I bought

  9. They look really good :) Thanks for sharing sweetie

  10. These brushes looks amazing for the price and you did an amazing review.

  11. Thanks for ur thought bout brushes
    Hy hy, Dont forget visit ma blog yaa ^^

  12. Now you're making me want to buy them :D Wonderful review.

  13. Girl you have grabbed one beauty, I need that F-80 look alike :p


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