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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip– Review and Swatches

Our love affair with liquid lipsticks continues...

They came, they saw, they conquered. This is true for ColourPop. Their products, especially the liquid lipsticks, are all the hype these days! We were so excited to try them out when we received our first ColourPop package. I, for one, am a huge fan of bold lips. To be honest, flushed cheeks, a highlighter and a bright lip is all that I ask for. Although my stash is full of similar bright hued lipsticks, I chose to go for some eye-catching colours from ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip range yet again.

Product Claims

The thin and lightweight formula glides onto the lips smoothly and leaves super intense pigment-rich colour with a bold, ultra matte look. It's very long wearing and completely kiss-proof!

What Do I Think?

The packaging consists of a simple but good quality plastic tube that comes enclosed within a white box. These have thinnest formula among the ones I have tried up till now. The others have a creamy consistency, which takes a bit longer to dry and set. This isn’t the case with ColourPop liquid lipsticks. Since the formula is quite thin, these dry within a few seconds so you need to be very quick at application. The pigmentation and staying power is the best I have seen until now in any liquid lipstick I have used. These stay put on your lips for 7 hours straight before they begin to chip off. Completely water-proof (haven’t checked the kiss-proof claim though :-D). Sadaf has kissed her stuff toys while wearing it and supports this claim. You have heard it all before, right? On the downside, these are quite tricky to apply especially if it’s the first time you are using any liquid lipstick.

Here are a few tips that will help you get the smoothest and most flawless application with ColourPop liquid lipsticks.
  • The formula of these lipsticks isn’t best friends with flaky lips. Therefore, scrubbing your lips really helps it go on smoothly.
  • When I first applied these I felt my lips withered under the product when it dried! (Yes, that’s the effect an ultra-matte lipstick has). It wasn’t the most comfortable experience. I realized later where I was going wrong. Applying these on dry lips won’t leave you comfortable with the product so make sure your lips are hydrated.
  • Line your lips first. Unless your hands can move with the amazing speed of The Flash, I would not suggest skipping lip liner. Lining your lips directly with the product’s applicator may require you to go over and over again on your lips which will only create a mess.
  • You get a blob of the product on the applicator when you take it out of the tube. Instead of removing the excess, stretch your lips very slightly. Then apply that blob starting in the middle and spread it evenly over your lips. Do this twice, once for the upper lip and once for the lower. Let it dry and do not press the lips together until the product has dried completely.
  • Do not layer it up because you don’t need to. One swipe and that's all you need to get opaque coverage. I tried layering it up but it did nothing except ruin the intact layer beneath.

Ouiji: Neon coral. The perfect summer coral.

Highball: Hot pink. A universal blue-hued bright pink.

Mars: Bright fuchsia. A shade that anybody can rock.


$6.00 USD


ColourPop’s Official Website. We got ours from the Facebook store Indelath.


Thin and lightweight formula
Dries matte within a few seconds
Ah-mazing pigmentation!
Opaque coverage in a single swipe
Long Lasting


Tricky to work with

My Rating


Have you tried these? Yay or Nay?

Fizzah and Sadaf

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  1. Omg!! These look soooooo prettyyyyy!! Love them all on you fizzah!! I have heard them to be too drying. Too bad that my lips start to bleed even at the sight of dryness.

    1. Thanks a lot ^_^
      Yes these are drying. But if your lips are hydrated, not even moist with balm, these will work. Or I guess I am used to the formula now :-D

  2. So pretty post :). You put a lot of effort in this post. Loved all the shades and they suite you so well.

  3. Great review :) wish to buy it someday!

  4. Lovely swatches. Awesome and detailed review. Ill be sharing my tips in a post soon.
    :* :* :*

    1. Thank you Sheikh Sahab! Looking forward to read your post as well ^_^

    2. hahahah Fizz! btw Mars seems more opaque! and I love BUMBLE like no other!

    3. Both Mars and Highball are amazingly opaque. Ouiji is opaque too but not that much, a tad bit less opaque I'd say. I have my eyes on Bumble for so long I tell you. ;___;

  5. I have Ouji and Mars from these and i love both the shades. I feel the formula varies from shade to shade. Few shades are particularly more drying while others feel comfortable to wear. But I love these <3 Definitely gonna grab more shades soon. You look so pretty Fizzah. Loving Highball on u :)

    1. Oo imma gonna grab Bumble next *evil laugh*
      Thank you so much :D

  6. I need to head in this direction. Amazing pigmentation and looks duper awesome on you. Fizzah, tum aik sitamgar hu.

  7. Lovely! The last one is my shade for sure!

  8. All shades look really amazing on you, i need to get my hands on this brand soon. Lovely swatches and very nice review.

  9. They look great on you fizzah <3

  10. Hi girls, great review and lovely swatches. All three shades are gorgeous!!

  11. These shades are so pretty, the lip swatches are so beautiful.

  12. Nice review ...I got ouijji but didn't like it on myself the neonish tint washed out on me horribly ... I liked smlc more than color pop but obviously staying power of cp is far better .drying thing bothers me. But again its personal preference ...
    Its looking beautiful on you no doubt n m glad it worked for u
    Show some love here

  13. Looks lovely on you Fizza! :D Great picks!

  14. Ouiji looks so pretty in artifical light! I've heard so many great things about these liquid lipsticks and I reall want to try them out :)


  15. Such pretty shades😍 Colorpop lippies makes my heart beat skip every time😍.

    1. Yes these are pretty amazing but the formula isn't best friends with everyone..

  16. Such a great post! Those colours are simply stunning - love your blog, you're very beautiful <3

    Love & Hugs
    Frances xoxo



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