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Saturday, 9 April 2016

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip– New Formula & Swatches Update!

We posted our review on the very famous ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks a few months back and the only problem we had with the product was how tricky the formula was to apply. ColourPop is the one brand who takes their customers’ reviews very seriously and not long ago they introduced some new shades to the range with an improved formula. We were too excited to give the new and superior formula a try and immediately ordered ours. We surely are impressed, kudos ColourPop!

Product Claims

The thin and lightweight formula glides onto the lips smoothly and leaves super intense pigment-rich colour with a bold, ultra matte look. It's very long wearing and completely kiss-proof!

What Do We Think?

Since we have already written a detailed review on the product here we are only talking about the new formula. The consistency of the new formula is the same like the old one, thin and rather runny. It dries out quickly but gives you enough time to refine the application. Unlike the older formula, the newer one is not at all difficult to work with. You get enough time to perfect the application before it completely dries out. With the older formula there was a characteristic withering effect on the lips if not moisturized prior to the application, which is not the case with this formula. We use these without a balm and they still do not dry out the lips. However, if you have flaky lips, we recommend you exfoliate or apply a lip balm for perfect application before you apply any liquid lipstick. The staying power is amazing, 6 – 7 hours with eating and drinking before you experience any product chipping off. Like the older formula, the newer one if completely transfer-proof.

We mentioned a few tips to get the perfect application with a liquid lipstick, i.e. to line the lips and not to press them together while the product is not completely dry. Lining the lips gives you a better control over the application but pressing the lips when the product is still wet is not an issue with this formula. The pigmentation in both the versions is excellent however; layering up the product with the older formula would leave a mess on the lips, which does not happen with the newer one. Although unnecessary, since the pigmentation is good enough to give opaque coverage in a single swipe but you may want to go back and forth over the already applied product to get the perfect application and we are so glad the new formula is forgiving in that department.

Moreover, ColourPop has changed the formula of the entire range which means you can get the older shades with the better formula now. :D

Clueless – A rosy mauve shade.
Bumble – A very pretty pink-brown shade (pretty hard to describe exactly).
More Better – A deep wine berry shade.


$6.00 USD



Improved thin and lightweight formula
Dries matte within a few seconds
Ah-mazing pigmentation!
Long Lasting



Our Rating 


We love the new formula! Do you?

Fizzah & Sadaf

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  1. All the shades are gorgeous. The finish and formula of these now sound similar too Stage line X-FIX Lips. Great review and awesome swatches

    1. Yes they are! We would like to try out the Stageline ones :)

  2. Gorgeous shades! Very nice review! x


  3. I have bumble and creeper and they are absolutely stunning. Can't wait to try the ultra Satin range.

    1. We are also excited about the Ultra Satin range. Such unique shades.

  4. Gorgeous picks! I agree that the new formula of Ultra Matte Lip is much better! But, I like the Ultra Satin Lip formula more. :)


    1. Yes they are beautiful :) We are eager to try out the Ultra Satins

  5. Had purchased 4 of their ultra matte lipsticks few days ago including time square, trap, Bianca and midi, the formulations are having a huge difference between the 4, midi has the thin liquidity and kiss proof formula as what they claim to be, but the other 3 seems to have the old formula which is thick and sticky doesn't last throughout the day.


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