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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

OFRA Cosmetics DupeThat Highlighters – Review & Swatches

I am obsessed with highlighters! I remember when I started taking interest in makeup I actually had no idea about a lot of cheek products other than a bronzer and a blush, I was pretty naive. MUA Golden Lights was the first highlighter I ever bought and the transformation it brought to my every makeup look was enough to leave me in awe..every..single..time. There was no looking back after that, I have hoarded a good amount of highlighters now and continue purchasing more. I’d blame Instagram as well for my obsession. A lot of instagrammers do go a little (or perhaps a lot) overboard with the product but still it is something every makeup fanatic loves.

About The Product

OFRA Cosmetics collaborated with the lovely ladies behind @dupethat to bring you two of the most stunning highlighters!

You Glow Girl is a gorgeous pink highlighter with the perfect amount of shimmer to bring out that blushed pinky glow on your cheekbones! The other beautiful highlighter You Dew You has a lovely golden tone to it giving ALL skin tones a peachy golden dewy highlight making those cheekbones POP!

What Do I Think?

The product comes in a pretty average-looking packaging with a clear lid which does not feel expensive at all. For a product to be priced this high I’d expect it to come encased in a rather above-average packaging which at least feels luxurious. Besides the feel and look of the packaging it holds the product pretty securely with the lid that shuts perfectly in place.

Pressed pretty firmly inside the pan the product shows little to no signs of fall out. Both the highlighters are much pigmented and feel super soft at touch. Another amazing thing I noticed about these highlighters is how easily, yet not excessively, the product gets picked up by the brush which gives you the choice to either flaunt the soft highlight or layer it up and rock that dazzling, eye-blinding highlight which is very popular these days among women. Although the shimmer in both “You Dew You” and “You Glow, Girl” is very fine and not at all chunky or visible to the naked eye unless seen up close, it will enhance bigger pores if the skin is not prepped well prior to foundation and highlight application – which by the way all powder highlighters tend to do.

There are strange days when I would feel like putting on just a lipstick and highlighter without worrying much about my dark under eyes, sparse eye lashes, undone brows and the uneven skin tone – have done with these highlighters as well. Although this observation probably does not matter but without any primer/foundation/makeup fixer these tend to stay good 2 – 3 hours before they start fading away. Don’t worry, any powder highlighter would behave the same way unless given a good surface to cling to and fixed with a spray afterwards. With a face prepped with primer and foundation and set with a setting spray at the end, the Dupe That highlighters last pretty much all day i.e. around 5 – 6 hours before I noticed the intensity fainting away.

You Dew You – A warm peachy golden highlighter which will flatter all the skin tones in my opinion. It has very fine golden shimmer which imparts a warm radiance to my medium complexion, goes pretty much in coherence with my undertone. Perfect highlighter to wear in day time I’d say.

You Glow, Girl – A cool pink highlighter with very fine silver shimmer which again, will look equally amazing on everyone. I was a little sceptical about this one since cool-toned highlighters are not my cup of tea but was left amazed by the ice-y highlight it gave to my warm skin which neither clashed with the undertone nor looked in-your-face type. I’d call it my glam highlighter, perfect for night-time looks. Does that look bad on my warm skin either in person or on camera? Not at all. It, in fact looks phenomenal in photographs, I’d go as far as to say it looks more wonderful than You Dew You. I have worn it in the look which I posted a few weeks back on my Instagram.

Women of colour would probably choose You Dew You staying on the safer side since it goes along easily with the undertones but I’d pick You Glow, Girl over it any day.


$24.95 USD (for 10 grams of product)
$15.00 USD (for 4 grams godet refill)

Note: Please refer to the page for price in PKR


Makeup 4 U (For Pakistan Only)


Excellent pigmentation
Buttery soft texture
Little to no fall out in the pan
Very fine shimmer
Good staying power
Do not transfer


Packaging isn’t at par with the price tag

My Rating


What are your favourite highlighters?


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  1. Such a lovely review. beautiful application.

  2. The day I saw You Dew You swatches on Instagram, the shade had my heart. Your swatches and review are validation of it all! You look gorgeous, as always. Your skills have become visibly remarkable. Keep it up :-) It is a joy seeing your makeup looks on social media

    1. And it warms my heart to see your remarks :) I was having a bad and you just made it :)

  3. Wowzyyy...I am in love with "you dew you" highlighter. Its gorgeous <3 Great review.

    1. Get You Glow Girl instead and you will thank me later :3

  4. I've been looking for a good highlighter since FOREVER.
    Thumbs up for such a lovely post; I need to get my hands on one of these.

    I apologize for all the caps, but I'm trying my level best to motivate you guys. <3


    1. Hahahahahaha! I love your way of motivating! I so wish I could but my financial and personal situation right now does not allow me to do so. I don't want to make substandard videos if I ever will. So that's why I don't Youtube yet.. :)

  5. I'm so obsessed with the highlighters and these two are ah-mazing!
    P.S. you did an excellent job! xx

  6. Both shades look super gorgeous and so are you. I agree the packaging is some thing should be better if it has such high price. Still would love to try them. Great review.

    1. Yes. It is the best formula we have tried so far!

  7. the shades look gorgeous on you!
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

  8. You dew you looks so beautiful.

    1. It is our favourite highlighter. Very high shine :D

  9. U look stunning in both of them which lipcolor u wore in this look?

    1. It's the liquid lipstick in Plum Frost by DMGM :) - Fizzah

    2. Aao its stunning .is it available in local super markets? Where did u get it ? And kindly post authentic online fb makeup selling pages and websites.I usually buy from USA branded cosmetic most of the time,then just4girls.pk .lush grooming bargain and recently got from Rouge .All is well by shopping there .yesterday I was scrolling beautybar.pk then I saw ur post abt real technique brush then I changed my mind .now I am looking forward for cp Ultra matte lip ribbon on Shopoholic


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