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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Summer's Treat - My Bronzer Collection

Hey girls! Summer is almost here, well here actually, so what better way to welcome it then getting our tan on? I prefer bronzing over contouring so I have a couple of options for my fair to medium neutral skin tone. Some may seem too warm to you but I have figured out ways to make them work for me because I hate perfectly good products going to waste.

What Is A Bronzer?

Just a little info for those of you who are confused about its purpose, contrary to popular belief, bronzer is NOT meant to make you look DARK. It gives you a sun kissed tan meaning it brings warmth to your skin (red/orange tones). It prevents you from looking pale like a mannequin especially after you apply foundation because that covers up your skin’s natural shadows, highlights, flush and tan. The idea is make your skin look healthy. However, if you are naturally pale and wish to keep it that way, that’s your choice. 

Contour vs. Bronzer

Contour creates shadows with its cool tone (grey hint) and bronzer warms up the skin (orange, yellow, red hints). Here is a comparison of MUR Ultrabronze with a cool tone medium brown eye shadow from BH 120 shade 5th edition palette, which I sometimes use to contour my face.

So, let’s begin shall we?

Makeup Academy Mosaic Bronzer - Natural Glow

This is the first one I got because well, look at it and of course, the price tag was too good to resist. You will notice it has many cool toned browns, which are basically for contouring, but fear not. It has shimmer so it cannot be used for contouring. Swirling my brush in the pan creates a pale neutral-ish brown that is excellent for cool toned fair/pale ladies because it is not too warm to make them look orange. The pigmentation is moderate so you don’t have to be afraid with this one.

Makeup Revolution Ultrabronze

I have had this for a couple of months now and I am in love. It’s bigger than my palm and costs only PKR 500. I mean come on! It’s matte, not orange and blends so well. It’s a slightly warm light brown and works well on light to medium skin. 

Sleek Contouring Kit-Medium

Yes I know it says “contouring” but this can only be used as a contour on warm dark skin like African American origin dark. This Sleek Contouring Kit is a matte dark neutral brown which is quite warm and dark for my skin but it works with a light hand and a big fluffy brush as a bronzer. 

LA Girl Pro Conceal - Toast

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Toast is another product I originally bought for contouring but like the Sleek Contouring Kit, it cannot be used as a contour unless you fall into that very dark warm category. It is HELL to blend unless you use a buffing brush that eats up product like kids stuff down candy on Halloween. This praise is for the Real Techniques dupe I was recently scammed with (Review coming soon). I apply it sparingly over a dewy foundation so that helps. Otherwise you could try spraying your brush or sponge with rosewater for smoother blending. I do love the look of a cream bronzer honestly. It’s very natural. 

Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer- Rock on World

The only baked bronzer in my stash. Swatching it is just Heaven! If you have ever tried a baked product from MUR you will know what I mean. Not only does it feel like Heaven it looks and blends like it too. I have never seen a rich copper bronzer like this ever. It might look scary in the pan but it blends out to give that lit from within glow we crave so badly. I have used it just over my sun block and it looked fine. However, I recommend applying it sparingly over a matte bronzer for a more even look if you are fair or have large pores.

ELF Blush Palette- Shade

I won this blush palette in a giveaway by The Beauty Finds and trust me, it is a gem. The pigmentation of all four shades is excellent and they all blend out well. It comes with a big mirror and the price cannot be beat for the packaging is sleek and sturdy too. This is the most orange out of all the bronzers I own. It has tiny specks of shimmer which look very pretty. Like Rock on World, it is better to use it over a matte bronzer if you feel like you want it a bit more orange toned appearance. Blending it backwards into your bronzer on your cheek also gives great results.

I have another bronzer in my BH Carli Bybel palette which is actually the darkest highlighter. It’s a pure deep baked copper-y bronze which will look great on dark skin but is a bit too much for mine.

I hope you guys now have a better idea about the drugstore bronzers available in the market and how they perform. I like MUR Ultrabronze best out of all these.

Which is your favorite bronzer for the summer?


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  1. Woah drool-worthy bronzers collection. The only thing I lack in my makeup stash is bronzers and contouring shades. Your post helped much. Now I know what to pick and what not.

    1. Yayy! Can't wait to see what you pick!

  2. Wow! You have an amazing collection. I have always wanted to try a baked bronzer! :D x

    Momina Haseeb @ ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

    1. Bia recently write about Beauty UK baked bronzer. You might want to try that out too :)

  3. My fav Bronzer is from Oriflame... Love your collection! xx

    1. Never tried that one but I'll check it out

  4. I just realized I own only one bronzer and one highlighter :D Your collection is pretty cool and you just inspired me buy bronzers and learn how to use it properly ;)

    1. That's me inspiring (read enabling) :D You know it doesn't matter how many you have if you own the right one for yourself


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