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The Artiste Palette Collection

No Mess, No Fuss, Just Flawless!

Our Story

We’re sure you are intimately familiar with the stubborn stains you get on your hands every time you apply makeup. Being crazy about makeup, this happened to us way too often. Naturally, we looked for something that would permanently fix this issue. Sadly, we were unable to find anything like this in the local market. The mixing palettes by international brands we discovered were either not accessible or too expensive.

So, we decided to make one ourselves! We proudly give you The Pout Painters Artiste Palette Collection, which is a boon for professional makeup artists & makeup enthusiasts alike.

Our Products

The Pout Painters present an elegant Artiste Palette Collection; a beautiful solution to your makeup application woes. 

The Pout Painters Artiste Palette (Shop It Here)

Our sophisticated Artiste Palette is manufactured using the finest surgical grade steel polished to a high shine imparting a luxurious feel to it. Carved round corners prevent any injury from the rectangular shape, while the adequate surface area provides plenty of space for mixing. Our light-weight easy grip design allows you to hold it up for long hours. The zero absorption nature of stainless steel ensures your products don’t dry out or get wasted. Pair it with our spatula for the best results.

  • PKR1000 (without the spatula)
  • PKR1200 (with the spatula)

Complimentary Pouch Included

  • 10 cm x 15 cm
  • Usable on both sides
  • Rounded corners
  • Rust-proof, export grade stainless steel
  • Polished, non-grainy surface

The Pout Painters Artiste Ring - Square (Shop It Here)

This handy little makeup tool is more like bling! Don’t be deceived by its adorable design, our Artiste Ring - Square has been crafted with an adjustable band to be worn by anyone. The corners have been rounded despite the square shape to eliminate any risk of injury. Try using it with our spatula and see the difference it makes!

  • PKR600 (without the spatula)
  • PKR800 (with the spatula)

Complimentary Pouch Included

  • 4 cm x 4 cm
  • Adjustable band
  • Rounded corners
  • Rust-proof, export grade stainless steel
  • Polished, non-grainy surface

The Pout Painters Artiste Ring - Oval (Shop It Here)

Your everyday makeup application companion; our Artiste Ring - Oval can be worn on any of your fingers as you create your signature look. The adjustable band means it will fit everyone! Combine it with our spatula and it becomes a game changer.

  • PKR600 (without the spatula)
  • PKR800 (with the spatula)
Complimentary Pouch Included

  • 4.1 cm x 2.9 cm
  • Adjustable band
  • Rust-proof, export grade stainless steel
  • Polished, non-grainy surface

Shop It Here

The Pout Painters Spatula

The ultimate saviour of makeup hygiene is here! Our spatula is light enough to flip around but with enough weight to hold it steady. The ridges on the long thin shaft guarantee it won’t slip through your fingers while working. Offering two well-cut ends, our spatula gives you the option of going sharp or blunt when dipping into a product.

P.S. This item is not sold alone

  • 18cm long
  • Double-ended (sharp & blunt)
  • Easy grip shaft
  • Rust-proof, export grade stainless steel
  • Polished

Please Note:
  • All the prices are exclusive of delivery charges
  • Standard delivery charges (PKR250) apply
  • No reservations 
  • At the moment we only deliver within Pakistan

Mode of Payment
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Bank transfer
  • EasyPaisa

What Makes It Unique?

We are dedicated to providing premium quality makeup mixing tools in Pakistan that offer the best value for your money. 
  • Manufactured using export grade, non-magnetic, rust-proof, polished stainless steel.
  • Light weight material that doesn’t tire your arms while working.
  • Three separate palette designs that cater to your various application & mixing needs.
  • A double-ended spatula with multiple functions and benefits.
  • Carefully designed in shapes and sizes that would prove most convenient to you.
  • Double-sided Artiste Palette for working with several products simultaneously.
  • Artiste Ring - Square and Artiste Ring - Oval to get the job done quickly.

All The Awesome Ways You Can Use It!

Learn all the different techniques you can apply while working with our versatile Artiste Palette Collection to get flawless results.

Scoop It with Our Spatula

Don’t go dipping your fingers directly into that jar! Protect your skin from bacteria transfer during makeup application with just this single genius tool.

There are two choices: sharp end and blunt end. The sharper end of our spatula allows you to take a minute amount of product so that none of it goes to waste. The blunt end is rounder and wider letting you scrape out more product.

Mix It on Our Artiste Palettes

We offer not one or two but three Artiste Palettes.

Two of these are ring palettes possessing adjusting bands so; you don’t have to worry about whether they’ll fit them on a certain finger. One is a small square with rounded edges while the other is an elegant oval. Just pop one on your finger and use the spatula to get the product you want. The smooth flat surface is fabulous for mixing and these come in handy while working on others.

Our double-sided large Artiste Palette is a sleek rectangle with edges rounded to avoid injury. It has a convenient holding gap through which you may slide your thumb for a secure grip. You can place your foundation, concealer, corrector, primer, blush, highlighter, lipstick all at the same time.

Remove Excess Product in a Jiffy

Got a blob of gel liner on your precision brush? Just dab the extra product off on our ring Artiste Palettes to get your signature crisp winged liner without wasting any of your expensive gel eyeliner.

Clean up Messy Edges
Our double-ended spatula has two long, flat, thin ends that you may use to fix your lip lines when you’re in a hurry. Forget tape, just use a bit of concealer and swipe it gently under your crease to create the perfect cat eye. You could also use it to make your brows neater with concealer or even hold it against them while filling them in to attain your desired shape.

Watch Video Demonstrations

Perfect For A Professional Makeup Artist

Zero Compromise on Hygiene for Your Clients
  • Our double-ended spatula guarantees no dipping into a pot with your fingers
  • No chance of bacteria transfer from your hand to your client’s face

Save Loads of Time & Energy on Cleaning 
  • Quick cleanup & you’re ready to doll up your next client
  • Super easy cleanup with an alcohol soaked cotton ball removing all residue

Mix Custom Shades to Your Heart’s Content
  • Create the perfect lipstick, blush, concealer, foundation or eye shadow eyeliner for your client
  • Produce accurate colours without interference from your own skin tone & shade

Remove Excess Product Efficiently
  • Got too much on your brush? Simply wipe of the extra amount 
  • Adjust the level of pigment before you apply it on your client

Forget About Your Product Drying Out
  • Use the spatula to scoop out what you need and secure the lid
  • No skin contact means your product remains creamy on the metallic surface

Mess-Free Hands & Work Station
  • Scoop out the products and put their containers back immediately 
  • You’ll never have to go home with stained hands again

Perfect For Any Makeup Lover

Minimum Product Wastage
  • Your skin absorbs quite a bit of product but our Artiste Palettes absorbs none!
  • Use our double-ended spatula to take out only as much product as you need.

Your Product Stays Creamy
  • Since the Artiste Palettes’ stainless steel surface does not absorb anything, your products retain moisture preventing liquids & creams from drying out.
  • You don’t need to keep containers open; just scoop out required amount with our spatula

Fuss-Free Makeup Application
  • Take out all the products you need on our Artiste Palette only once
  • No more diving back into jars again and again keeping your vanity clutter-free

Avoid Breakouts Due To Poor Hygiene
  • No more contamination of your makeup products with constant dipping of brushes
  • Clean with cotton soaked alcohol to kill germs & eliminate residue after every use

What Makeup Pros, Bloggers & Customers Have To Say

Ever since the pout painters came up with the idea of their artiste palette, I was up for it. Only thing that held me back was the non availability of COD as a payment method which they have introduced recently and obviously I have my palette now. If you are a makeup enthusiast and love mixing your foundations and liquid lipsticks and anything else to create some wondrous custom colors than this is such a helpful tool. Best part is that the metal is such high quality and gets cleaned in a jiffy with your wet wipe or even a wet towel. Absolutely loving my Artiste Palette. Highly recommended for makeup enthusiasts and artists alike!

No more messy, makeup artist hands. My OCD owes "The Pout Painters" big time. I can scoop out every last bit of product with the spatula I bought with it; it fits most tubes and tubs. Read more on my page tomorrow!

I am pleased with my collection of Artiste Palette as it reduces product wastage and I do not have to worry about getting my hands stained with makeup anymore. You can use these for mixing not only your base products but also lipsticks and eye products. In fact, you do not necessarily even have to mix something on them. Instead, you can just scoop with the spatula and put the product on the palette from its container to work with the amount you require rather than exposing the whole of it to air.

Thank you so much The Pout Painters for this gift. It would make my makeup application much easier. These palettes are such a necessity for someone who loves makeup. Thanks a lot I am in love with these, specially the small ones.

Amna Zahid
Bye bye dirty hands! Got these mixing palettes and spatulas from The Pout Painters. They come with their own pouch as well! Can’t wait to try them!

So gorgeous! <3 I wanted to lay my hands on these ever since I saw them! What a beautiful addition to my makeup family!

Numra Makeup Studio
OMG I got the most useful gift in my mail today from The Pout Painters! These are pure stainless steel mixing palettes!! My husband always complains about the colours on the back of my left palm (because that's what I've been using to mix shades till now). Finally that's going to stop all thanks to this innovative product by The Pout Painters! Can't wait to use these!! <3 <3 <3

Ummara Imran
Just received my artist palette from the pout painters and the quality is better than expected. They went out of their way to accommodate me when there was a slight mistake from my side. I appreciate your good customer service and swift response every time I messaged. Good luck!

Zillé Ibtesam
Really appreciate Fizzah & Sadaf for prompt delivery of my consignment. Excellent product, nice packaging at very economical rate. Feeling lucky to have found you guys timely.

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Our main goal is delivering wonderful products that look beautiful and function even better.

Contact us for suggestions on the products’ design and how we may improve our Artiste Palette Collection for you. Send us your queries and we promise to create amazing solutions for you!


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